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passenger side mirror

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Here we go again guys, My passenger side mirror is trashed and i would like to replace it. Thing is i'm not sure how to take the door panel off to replace it, i dont want to have a new mirror and trash my door panel, can someone please help?
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As a general rule, most door panels are held on with a series (6-10) plastic, push in retainer clips. These retainers are usually found on the outer edge of the door panel, and can be removed with either a putty knife(to prevent paint damage) and a flat blade screwdriver, or a door panel removal tool which is about 10 or 15 bucks at Sears or most auto parts stores. Gently pry back one edge of the door panel and look in with a flashlight and you should be able to see them. They also commonly put a couple screws in the center of the panel, generally behind the door handle release or in the little recess under where you grab the door to shut it(may be covered up, so look for removable covers to expose screws).

One word of caution...the plastic retainers will weaken over time, so be careful as you remove the panel else the retainers may break and you'll be forced to buy replacements.
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