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Passenger headlight flickering

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I have a 2006 Cadillac Dts, And while driving to work the other morning I noticed my passenger headlight has started to flicker occasionally but does not go out, I have noticed this about 3 times now so im not sure if it would have something to do with the cold weather or not. Hoping someone here could give me advice on rather its the bulb or the ballast. Thanks
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My DTS started doing that right after I bought it 2 years ago. First it was flickering, then it would go out until I cycled the headlamp switch. I tried the bulb first, and it fixed it.
Thanks man... I will give the bulbs a shot and hopefully that will fix my problem as well. I really appreciate it.
I had the same issue last year. Replaced the bulb and it has been perfect ever since. If you search the forums you should be able to locate some instructions on replacing the bulb. Not a quick job, but not difficult either.
Thanks. I will look for the instructions on here. I have a new set of lights that should be in Tuesday so hopefully that will take care of my problem.
Do you have to take off the bumper to get to the light? I saw this on a vide on the youtube
I am getting ready to replace both headlamps (one quit working and I dont want to take the bumper off twice). I would appreciate any opinions on wether or not it is worth spending double the money on silverstar lamps. Thanks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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