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Passenger Front Window, Working on./off

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So the other day when it was nice out, I had my windows down. I go to put them up and all I got was click/click/click. Well I kept trying and it went up some, then stopped again, I left it alone for a bit then it worked again before the click/click/click.

I have 2 15's with 1000watts rms so I'm not sure if I may have loosened something up or is this what happens when the window motors on the way out? What do I have to do the check everything out ?

Thanks in advance!
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Yep all that boom boom boom did it. Now you gotta sell all that stuff and the window will start working again...

LOL j/k - might be a loose connector (kinda unlikely cos they are pretty snug) or your motor going bad or the switch / connector at the switch. This kinda surprises me cos your vehicle is not that old but then again it might those 15's you got lol...
Anyone else got any ideas ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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