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Passanger side front Humming and clunk noise.

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This dang Eldorado :)

It's got a humming when driving straight...A small turn to the right makes the humming go away.

If I take a left turn in a parking lot with the wheel all the way left, I got a clunking noise from the right side. If I turn all the way right.. Quiet.

My Theory is : The Right side halfshaft is being pulled and stressed during a left and causing the U joints to bind up and make that clunk noise. When I turn Right I believe the halfshaft is being pressed together and allowing it to turn smoothly.

How will the Half shafts show wear thru manual manipulation ? Car is on stands : What can I pull or push on ?
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Welcome to CVN, ummmm I mean!

Cant really help you with your question, but I will tell you your friend should have bought a CTS :rolleyes:
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Thanks Ryan...

asshat ! :D

He should have bought a frickin Crown Vic.

This thing is SO ridiculous.... No wonder so few from this year have survived.


2002 P71 "The Baconator"
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