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passanger mirror not moving

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any recommentdations where to start looking. replaced motor in the mirror and it did not help
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You may also need to check for and clear any associated codes in the BCM, which may have it disabled.
My passenger mirror does not work and having read this thread, I'm going to investigate a little further before swapping in the new mirror. The codes I have related to it are; B1590 and B1605.

The driver door control switch/module appears to have control over function so it would be first in line to limit operation from my understanding. Each of those codes is preceded by "Passenger door switch", so perhaps both switches are stop points with the driver switch being the master control.

An example of how the problem could be resolved and only needing to have a code cleared to restore operation, is the occasional power window down and unresponsive following battery disconnect symptom. Some like myself were introduced to the calibration process that has to be performed to resolve that minor issue when it happens hours to days following the power interruption, although it is not a minor problem if you don't know this.
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Thank you guys for ideas. I wil start by swapping cables on the main driver switch: pass/driver and see if it works. will let you know
I wouldn't do that if it's possible without knowing with certainty no harm will be done. I have removed the driver switch module before and noted that it is very much a computer more so than a simple button assembly. An improper connection can potentially result in chaos and a possible trip to the dealer to have a new door installed to fix it.
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