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Parts ordering help needed

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Friends - I need to replace the blower motor in my 2011 SRX Luxury. The attached picture shows what I believe to be the part number (20995834), but when I search for that number I don't get any hits. If I just do a generic search on, for example, using the year, make and model of the car, I get hits for a blower motor, but different part number.

I'd appreciate advice on which part to order. Thanks very much!


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Very frustrating, HoosierCaddy! Anyway, after a bunch of research, I concluded that the part number in the picture is for the housing or plenum. I ended up ordering AC-Delco 15-81785, which a couple of sites said was the correct blower for my car. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so I will find out for sure then. Good timing, too, because it's blazing hot in Southern California this week!

Thanks for your help!
To close the loop on this...the part number I listed in the post above this one is the correct part number. Not a difficult job. The hardest part is that I had to do it using a mirror because I'm not a contortionist, and I couldn't get under the dash to see how everything mounted. There are three screws in a triangular pattern. Remove all of them, and the blower drops out. Then there are two screws holding a cap on the top, under which is the electrical connector. Remove those screws, transfer the connector and cap to the new blower, and reassemble. The only slightly tricky part is that there is a duct coming off the blower that has to align with another duct under the dash (the end of the duct on the blower slides over the end of the duct under the dash). If I could have actually seen things without a mirror, it would have been simple. With a mirror it took a little longer. I'd give this repair 1.5 wrench difficulty on a 5 wrench scale.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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