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Parting Out- Maggie, Headers, Wheels....

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As you likely read in one of my previous threads, I’ve been contemplating whether I should sell the car as is or part it out. I’ve decided to move forward parting it out. At this stage, I’m looking to mainly sell the major parts, Maggie, Stainless Works Jet Hot Coated LT Headers with Random HiFlo CATs, and CCW SP600 wheels with Toyo Proxie T1R’s mounted.

Once I get through these, I may consider some of the other smaller parts like Hotchkiss sways, etc.

For those in the local market, there’s a rather appealing option for an Installed and Tuned Maggie package. All you’ll need to do is enjoy the new found power! :thumbsup: If you’re interested, please PM or email me [email protected].

Rick(StealthV) showed interested in the CCWs previously so I will give him first dibs.
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Hello, Thanks for all the interest! and yes LOTS of interest. I will begin replying to everyone shortly.
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