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2008 SRX
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I have a 2008 V6 AWD SRX... Cashmere interior.

I need a new set of front floor mats. I want the exact GM ones from the factory.

So far, I have two part numbers (25810002 & 15276590) that show for a full set of mats ( front and rear )

Now my questions:

1) Are one or both of those numbers correct for a full set of mats?

2) Is it possible to buy JUST the front mats? If so do you have a part number?

Also, there are two 'pins' that hold the driver's floor mat in place... they pop through a hole in the mat. Looks like the pins thread into the floor through the carpeting. On my SRX, I am missing the bolt itself on the side closest to the center of the vehicle, though the top plastic piece is in the floor mat... anyone have a part number for the bolt part I am missing?
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