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paris/le cabriolet?

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Looking for either. Please help!
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The car I'm looking for is a 1979 thru 1982 coupe de villes that were turned into convertibles, by Hess & Eisenhardt. They named them "Le Cabriolet"
There's a red '79 on eBay right now.
It's just another custom convertible. Very similar to the Le Cabriolet. I'm not sure how you tell them apart, actually.
Actually Paris wan't a convertible. It was a stretch-front coupe with fender-mounted spare tires (not sure if they were functional or not). I have some pictures of one...
Benzilla, Thank you! My better half just changed my mind to a 1980 or later. "sorry" :bigroll:
There is a '79 on Ebay right now. I have only seen one Le Cabriolet from the 80's, ever. Good luck.
The current edition of Hemmings Motor News has a '79 Le Cabriolet (Hess & Eisenhardt) 44k miles, Nassau Blue at $18K.
I saw a red '77-'79 Coupe Deville convertible in Sanford on Monday. Im not sure it was a Le Cabriolet or a custom job. But i think it was. Looked to be in decent shape. The top was shot though. It was at some mechanic shop.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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