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pairing my phone on my 2007 ext without on star. Also it lost sound/icons on rear cam

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Hi. Any help on how to pair my phone with my 07 EXT? It has no on star as I live in europe, but has the full sat nav screen (that doesn't work over here.) The screen has the music controls as original and a working rear view camera.The camera has now lost it's icons and sound warnings. Any ideas on this? Also if there's any modern dvd or device that that slots in or fits easily to enable sat nav over here in europe?
All advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated.
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IF your DVD has Satnav capability there is a Euro Nav disc available from GM. I have a Euro spec Escalade and the sat nav works on it. Also there is no Blue tooth capability on the 07 Model. You will have to fit an aftermarket Blue tooth system. Be aware there is no VCIM fitted on the Eurospec models as On Star is not operational in Europe.

Tony UK
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