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Painting your CTS Question???

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Does anyone paint all the little scratches that you get on your car from minor fender benders in parking lots?

If one of the experts could break down the process, i would appreciate it a lot.:highfive:
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Re: Painting your CTS Question???????????????

Is it just on the bumpers?
Re: Painting your CTS Question???????????????

Just a few scratches here and there.
Re: Painting your CTS Question???????????????

If you were the only person in the world, you might be able to avoid 50% of those chips and dings. Life is tough, man.
I can't stand those dings. I tried to park as far away from people as possible. Only problem is my car attracts a lot of attention. I got a nasty ding a few months ago from work of all places.
Okay but as I asked before where are the dings and scratches
there are guys that airbrush dings ask you dealership by local dealer has a real good guy that can cover up just about anything.
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