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Hey Wow this is great a cadillac messageboard. This is like a little slice of heaven.

I have a question. I have a 2005 Deville Sedan and I ran into the bushes next to my driveway and scratched the bumper cover. How do I find out the paint index number for my car so that i can just do a little touch up work without messing with the body man.

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I can't provide the illustration of this label with the key numbers (18-24 below) but it contains the info you are looking for. #21 is at the bottom left corner of label. 24 is top left.

Service Parts ID Label

The vehicle service parts identification label is located in the rear compartment under the spare tire cover. The label is used to help identify the vehicle original parts and options.

Vehicle Identification Number

Engineering Model Number (Vehicle Division, Line and Body Style)

Interior Trim Level and Decor

Exterior (Paint Color) WA Number

Paint Technology

Special Order Paint Colors and Numbers

Vehicle Option Content
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