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p1860 and p0741 repair help

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Can anyone give me direction on what I should replace in my trans on 2002 DHS, I get these codes and I have performed test with my MT2500 snapon and the TCC is performing its duty cycle and I can here is click on and off under special function test with the car. I am pulling the trans out the bottom tomorrow and I do not want to miss anything while I have it out.
Thanks for the help.
David Lewis
[email protected]
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Update, I pulled the trans and disassembled, found the drive support seal deformed which caused a lack of lubrication to the support brg on the drivesprocket which in turn wore a groove in it and caused the inner tcc seal not to seal. replaced the drive support sprocket, drive gear, tcc solenoid, turbine shaft and torque converter along with necc seals and gaskets.
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