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2000 Catera
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I have a 2000 Cadillac Catera with 202,000 miles.
I've owned it since almost new, and it is in great shape.
Problem is that it goes 2 or 3 tries, cranks but no start. Starts on 3rd or 4th try.
Have DTC P0340 "camshaft position sensor A - Bank 1 circuit malfunction" code.
I had the same problem a couple years ago, but with P0335 "Crankshaft" position sensor code instead. I replaced it and problem went away.
This is same symptom, different code (camshaft sensor vs. crankshaft sensor)
The shop manual states that the car should still run with a bad camshaft position sensor by using a generic ignition/fuel timing.
One added note, recently had oil changed at Sears. They did not tighten the filter canister properly and oil everywhere under the car. The camshaft sensor is high up and not affected by the leaking oil, but I think it shares a circuit with MAF, Crankshaft sensor, ECM etc. So there may be a relationship.
Any ideas where to start?
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