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P0016/17 Code After New Timing Chain

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I have a 2008 CTS AWD vin(V) with the 3.6DI. I have recently done a lot of work to it and I've run into an issue. The timing chain had stretched to the point that I needed to replace it so I did that myself with the Cloyes kit (90753sx) off rock auto. The first start went well after assembly, until I put the car in drive where the P0017 code showed up. It was misfiring irregularly from all six cylinders but wasn't making any harsh noises. I took the car to a local dealership for brake lines and a diagnostic of the code. They said that the VVT cam sprockets needed to be replaced so I did that with Cloyes VVT sprockets to match the chain kit. While doing that I noticed oil in the spark plug tubes, so I replaced those as well. So far no leakage. Now that the entire timing assembly has been replaced, the P0017 code is gone, but I have a miserable idle, irregular misfires from all six cylinders, a clicking or ticking noise from around the intake manifold area after the engine warms up, and a P0016 code. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Any advise helps.
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