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P 0300 - 2001 Deville

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This morning i got this on my 2001 deville it was cold outside about 15 deg. And fuel tank was almost empty.. could i be getting this due to water in my lines? Or is this a larger issue?
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Re: p0300

I didn't read every word of the DTC info, but seeing as it states that contaminated fuel or a blocked fuel filter/fuel pressure condition could be causing the problem, I'd fill up with some good gas from a reputable company (think Shell or BP, not Murphy USA or your local bargain gas) and perhaps your favorite fuel treatment product - Seafoam, Heet, anything that will help eat up corrosion and neutralize water. Drive it for a couple days and see if the code goes away.

Also, just a note to everybody, I check these engine codes all day long at one of the big auto part chain stores - I'm peon management at one of them. Basically, I'm kind of like a grunt with a key that gets held responsible for things he didn't even know happened. My bad career choices aside, before you buy parts to fix almost any code, make sure your gas cap it sealing properly, and make sure you're running decent gas. Don't buy the cheap stuff, no matter how bad you want to! I'm no mechanic and I admit what I don't know, but there are a few things I do know - you're gonna get bad gas every once in a while, no matter where you buy it. If you do get some you think is bad, try a fuel treatment - they're cheap, and that's why they exist: for treating bad gas. In a world of perfect gas, you'd NEVER need one. As it is, Seafoam or your preferred brand is your friend!
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"Snake oil" is an opinion, which you state in a manner I would best describe as "combative," possibly as "rude," definitely as "know it all." Of course, you have the right to an opinion. I've googled, read, watched videos, talked to customers, mechanics, and I feel very strongly about the opinion I stated. You obviously feel very strongly about yours.

"I'll save you from reading the THOUSANDS of posts....." Trust me, I've read enough of them, though not necessarily on this site. And opinions vary. Dad used to say "opinions are like butt holes - everybody's got one, and the usually stink." Obviously, there are countless millions of people who agree with both of us, so I suggest we give it a rest before this becomes a flame war, but since you decided to "correct" me with "the facts," I just wanted to let you remember that there are millions who think you're the one who is wrong.
I also have more knowledge than the average guy off the street. I have training, certification, real-world experience, the ability, will, and desire to read, research, learn, etc. I have done those things and I still disagree with you wholeheartedly. I deal with the public all day, and I haven't murdered anyone yet, so I'd say my skin is thick enough to repel acid, but just thin enough to still feel. My opinions are also based on facts. The claims I make ARE substantiated by mountains of evidence, just like your DENIAL of my claims is substantiated by mountains of evidence. At the end of the day, you just gotta decide which one you believe. No disrespect intended, just letting you know that I'm not new to this world, not new to cars, parts, diagnostics, or forums, and who ever wants to fight me on an issue is welcome to do so, but expect to be called on your inadequacies. So we can do this all day long, but I've got a pretty rewarding life (outside of my unfortunate career choices), so I'm gonna go do something else now.

Oh, to Mr Rchneider, who started this thread - sorry it devolved into something unrelated to your original post. I've been on web forums for different vehicle types or customization worlds for a very long time now, and I can assure you (if you aren't already aware) that this happens all the time. There are people like myself and Ranger and Submariner and Basscatt who all think they're right, either because we pulled facts, perceived facts, or opinions out of our individual posteriors, or because we received a vision from our deity of choice, or whatever. What happens in the end, though, is that your original question gets lost in a tennis match of words being volleyed, ironically, for your benefit.

At the end of the day, you have decide who you think has a good answer. I'll save you the time of trying to figure it out on your own - it's me. But all that aside, I hope you get your trouble straightened out, and thanks for allowing us to have a hoot in your thread!
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