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P 0300 - 2001 Deville

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This morning i got this on my 2001 deville it was cold outside about 15 deg. And fuel tank was almost empty.. could i be getting this due to water in my lines? Or is this a larger issue?
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Re: p0300

anytime you post codes, always post the definitions. See sticky at top of this page about pulling codes and finding definitions. There are hundreds of codes.
ratmonster, grow a thicker skin and stick around. Ranger, Bass and Sub aren't trying to be combative; they're just very direct, and if you'll check their profiles, they have been here way longer than your 4 days and have mountains of experience that can help you. They've certainly helped me. Know-it-alls? Well, you know the saying: it ain't bragging if you can do it. Here is another aspect to consider--some of these guys already know these cars & engines inside out, backwards & forwards--they rarely need outside help. So why are they here? They have no reason to be here other than to try to help owners like you and me. Maybe showing some respect would help you more so than talking about flame wars.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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