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Own a '93 - 60 Special with ULTRA Pkg ?

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"How rare is it" ?

110 in White
108 in Black-Sapphire (navy)
100 in Black
078 in Dark Cherry
068 in Sapphire Blue Firemist
056 in Slate Green
055 in Silver
043 in Carmine Red
043 in Medium Gray (Academy Gray)
013 in Light Sapphire Blue
005 in Taupe (Lilac-Gray)
004 in Dark Plum Purple
003 in Pink
002 in Slate Bronze.
000 in Light Beige
688 Total 1993 Sixtry Special with ULTRA Interior.
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I wish I did. :(
I almost did. black on black w/ 160k for $4,000. I wisely passed.

BTW how rare is white leather int. on 89-93's?
White Leather Interior was NOT available in combination with the 1989-1992 Sixty Special, nor the idetical 1993 Sixty Special ULTRA. The interior colors for that uplevel model were just Garnet Red, Dark Blue, or Light Grey in 1989 thru 1991. In 1992 & 1993 they added Black, which is why I don't have an ULTRA, as I really wanted white leather, which is breathtaking to see.

For 1993, 236 Sixties were built with white leather. Mine was the only one paired with Dark Plum Purple.
So, I have one out of 100 black '93 Sixty Special ULTRAs. I have to say, I was hoping for a bit more of a limited number. But I'll console myself by adjusting the 22-way power seat. ;)

100 out of 5,292 seems rare to me :)
I still talk to the new owner of the '93 Dark Cherry 60 special Ultra my father had....

The car is at 93K miles now and he had to put a new a/c compressor and transmission :eek: It now resides at his home in Minnesota.
100 out of 5,292 seems rare to me :)
Not as rare as, say, 4 out of 5,292. (Darn those owners of Dark Plum Purple. ;) ) But I still count myself fortunate to own a Sixty Special ULTRA.
Remember, mine's a Sixty Special, but not an ULTRA, 'cause I wanted WHITE leather and she is THE only one so made. 1 of 1

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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