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Overwhelming Reaction to the Cadillac Sixteen

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By Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune:

The early returns are in, and four General Motors concepts on the auto-show circuit stand out as production hopefuls, according to Mark Hogan, group vice president.

"We thought reaction to the Cadillac Sixteen would be strong, but we didn't expect it to be so overwhelming. Now we have to figure out a way to build it," Hogan said in an interview at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Sixteen is noteworthy for a variety of reasons, one being the dramatic styling - the best work of chief designer Wayne Cherry - but that's far from the only reason, he made clear.

The Sixteen is a full-size luxury sedan powered by a 1,000hp v16 engine that boasts 0-60mph acceleration in about 4 seconds. But the most important feature is the reason Sixteen was built: to showcase displacement on demand, which automatically shuts off cylinders not needed when cruising down the interstate so the 1,000hp sedan becomes a 4 cylinder, 20mph economy car.

"It's possible to do a production version of the v16, but maybe we wouldn't do it with 1,000hp," Hogan noted. Insiders say a slightly smaller version powered by a v12 would be appropriate, with a handful of v16 offerings in the $250,000 to $300,000 range an intriguing possibility...
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This is what I like to hear. :D
OK, I'll settle for the V-12 but I'd really like the V-16! It's nice to hear that they're at least paying lip service to public interest...Wouldn't it be nice to see this thing go into production?
There's no such thing as too much......Oh! Never mind! LOL!
There is such a thing as too much, too many digits in the price!!!

As far as cylinders, the more the merrier!!!
mannnnn....Maybach and Rolls: step aside
my wish has been granted. Moving on to the next wish.... when can i expect to see the cien out on the road?
I don't know about the Cien - but it does sound like the Sixteen will become a reality sooner or later, in some form. The v16 may be available as an expensive option - but that's fine.

Are there any interior pictures of this car out there?
The Cien was the nicest car at the N.Y. auto show last year.
elwesso said:
There is such a thing as too much, too many digits in the price!!!

As far as cylinders, the more the merrier!!!
If you have to ask, How much? You should just drive rice!

Oh Yeah! You do!:D
My biggest worry is they have that crazy displacement on demand idea again. Remember the V-8-6-4? That was a big embarrassment.
If you have the displacement, use it! :burn:
I would think that after the first time they have probably worked the bugs out of it.....The other thing I'll add to this is that the technology has improved greatly since the last go round with the idea. I felt at the time that they were premature in trying that and I was proven right!
I think their technology should used elsewhere than in trying to improve the fuel economy on a car like the 16. If you have 300K to spend on a car like the 16, fuel economy is probably of no concern. Also for that amount of money there had better not be any bugs in it.
A $300000 economy car?!?!?:confused:
I think it was more of a statement by Cadillac that the pushrod isnt dead yet, and in reality can be very powerful and efficient.
Amen. Long live the pushrod. :)

Memo to Cadillac:

It's called the Cadillac Sixteen.

Build it with a V16 or don't build it at all. People aren't excited because you might build a big car with a V12 that looks kind of like this show car. People are excited because it has a huge sixteen-cylinder engine.

A big Cadillac with the XV12? That's your next loaded DeVille/Fleetwood. Don't confuse that with the Sixteen.

It's the engine, stupid.

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