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1994 STS - pearl white
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I just finished redoing the headgaskets on my 94 STS. I had the same pulled thread problem and Time-Serted both cylinder banks. I also took big advantage of the "run dry" mode to get back into civilization when the car overheated.

It is not a hugely difficult repair for the careful, moderately experienced home mechanic. It is time consuming, however.

I have photos, lots of advice and a design for a powertrain dolly I built (it worked better than I had hoped). I am planning to put together a chronicle of the whole repair process when I get a chance.

I just got my car on the road again this week. Aside from ironing out a few bugs, it's running like a racehorse.

The headgasket repair was a huge pain in the arse, but the Northstar is a wonderful engine - both to drive and to work on.
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