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Outside Temprature Sensor

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So over the winter my temprature sensor started to read freezing, regardless of the actual temp. I have a feeling that the sensor is under the bumper or in that area, because it started doing it on a day where there was a lot of slush on the road and it was getting up in the bumper and stuff. Anyone know where to find it or recalibrate it?
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it "plugs" or clips into the lover air dam grille, on the driver's side.
Okay, so is that directly behind the drivers side fogs? I did notice some clips there, or could it have something to do the two wires I noticed down there. Any idea about these wires, ones blue and one is blue with a white stripe, cant figure out what they connect to....
no, it actually clips into the air dam. hmmm, i don't know how to explain it. i can get a picture of it if u need. you have to go from the back of the air dam to get to it.
Pics would be great if you could get'em. Thanks

There's the sensor from the outside. it's right next to the fog light (or where it would be if i had um in)

And from the inside. took the pic from where the fog light would be.
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Thanks a bunch, I'll be checking that in an hour or so. I think those two disconnected wires may be part of that sensor...We'll see
So I guess recalibrating is out of the question....Looking for a replacement sensor, with hook up clip, anyone?....BTW I hate winter!!!!
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