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69’ Eldorado
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I just bought a 69’ Eldorado, it’s my first time making that mistake. The front drivers side caliper was crusted slightly closed and burning everything up. I got the caliper free again and as I’m replacing the brake pads I noticed the outside pads don’t have any clips and don’t stay against the caliper. You can literally blow on them and they’ll shimmy forward to kiss the rotor. I’d rather my brakes keep things platonic while I’m going down the road. My Chilton manual said your suppose to crimp the pads to the caliper but just like a hellcat I can’t get a grip. What gives?

The photos attached show first, the pad against the caliper as it should be, then the pad up against the rotor, then the ear that supposedly crimps down, and finnaly the so called “shelf” to use channel locks to crimp the ear down. Why the shelf is steeper than a black diamond, idk. Any suggestions are appreciated


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your car has FLOATING calipers - meaning that the piston applies the inboard pad against the rotor -
and the entire caliper slides inwards to apply the outer pad against the outer surface of the rotor -

the caliper pins MUST be perfectly clean - and put a small amount of silicone grease on the pins -

ALSO - the mating surfaces of the caliper and caliper mounting bracket MUST be clean and rust free -
I recommend a thin coating of anti-seize grease on these surfaces -

LASTLY - that "ear" on the brake pad above your thumb in the third pic should be pinched closed
so the pad is held tight in the caliper - if not - the brakes WILL probably squeak -
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