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Out put of the overhead dvd?

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Output of the overhead dvd?

I was the one who added the computer to my escalade and was wondering if anyone knows the output color code from the dvd to the screen in the overhead. I would like to connect that dvd to one of the rca inputs to the computer screen in the front. It has 2 aux ins plust the vga cable form the computer output.
Does any one know if this signal is in this format from dvd to screen or is it broken down farther and I cannot get to rca style from here?

How do people pull the output for mulitple headrest monitors?

D.Brisson 04 escalade
Corsa sport
with Caddi computer
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Really cool idea!!!! i put in a tv tuner on my 05 with a game port with power. you might want to check the circuit board that the RCA jacks are on.. On the 05 it is a small seperate board. hope this helps...
I used the circuit board the rca jacks are on to input the sound from the computer to the RSE, so far as I know that board is input only. To hide the wires I soldered rca jacks on the back of the circuit board above the overhead and ran the cable from the computer up the pillar and over the headliner to the overhead.

From the dvd player there are 3 cables, one from the rca jacks and source selector, one going to the monitor (many wires) and one going back to the head liner (assume input to the stereo). doing some searches on multi monitor to see where the headrest installers pic up the input. unless they change the dvd player too??



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that is a nice setup, so you have mp3s and all that the pc ??
System has:
Wireless bluetooth tether thru my cell phone for internet, 150k downloads (this is what I use the most. to cheap to pay for higher speeds)
Great for checking email, maps, weather updates, price checks research on the go etc.

MP3 Winamp
Window media center
wifi card with external antenna
USB hub for additional connections
GPS puck for logging wifi, mapping or whatever else
soundcard connected to RSE for mp3 input to bose system
Screen is a touchscreen

Soon to come
ODB adapter with software for onscreen displays with data logging and possibly adjustments
If i can find a good diversity antenna, a usb TV card
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I'm trying to do the same thing using my rear DVD to feed into the factory nav screen using a pac adaptor, so far I have not been able to find anything about the wiring going from the dvd to the built in screen.
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