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Out of no where, my 92 Eldo did not start today.

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I just bought the car 2 days ago and it has been running and starting perfectly. It has 113000 miles on it.

Today, I went to show my friend the car and went to start it and click, nothing. The voltage was well below 12 with the engine off. When it's running, the voltage is about 13.7

A funny thing happened too, when I got to his house I turned the car off and rolled the windows up but they went up realy slow and I think the lights dimmed.

The battery had the green hydrometer thing showing too. Is it a bad ground? Where should I look?

I finally got it started and now no problems:confused:

Any ideas?
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check your battery conections for tightness and you might need a new starter solenoid.
If it drags at all when it starts that could be the starter motor.
Also take the battery to get tested.
Its normal to be under 12 volts when the car is off.
Your battery should be around 12.6V. A bad cell in the battery will cause about 10.2V with a green eye and most likely be intermittent, one moment it's good, next it's bad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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