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yesterday i got an email from a friend to a forum post. the forum was murdered out rides, turns out some1 took my cadillac forum username and made an account on this "murdered out rides" forum and is posting pic of my old(stolen truck) stating it is there EXT. Is there anything i can do about it or do i just have to deal with it.
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I find my web site pixs everwhere, used to get me upset, but really can't do much about it
I would heed Carl's advice and also feel bad for them I guess. They live a jealous life and have nothing better to do than waste time posing to try to get the recognition they know they don't deserve. Honestly, it must be a very sad and desparate existence. Let it go.
I have yet to see it happen to my Escalade... but I used to post my cars and pics of them on back when I was in high school and college... EVERY single car I posted on there ended up on eBay at one time or another and was for sale.

It was pretty hilarious getting calls from my friends asking my why I was selling my car... I first thought they were just confused, till I would get on eBay and see that someone was selling my car as if it were their own. The real fun starts when you start asking them detailed questions about the car and they just make shit up.... then you let them know that the car is actually your own, and they shut up pretty quick.

I always suggest watermarking your images, saying that the car isn't for sale or whatever.... I agree with the above post.. must be an interesting life where you actually go collect pictures and post them around touting them as your own and your property or whatever. Maybe if these shut-in losers actually went out and got some steady employment, they might be able to enjoy the fun toys that we have and they only dream about!:thepan:
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It's usually kids that don't have anything. Ignore them and let them dream. Be flattered that they admire your (old) truck, (since she's gone). I used to show my vehicles and they have been in numerous magazines. Sometimes reprinted without credits and no residual check. It's just a photo and some admirer. Laugh it off. No used in beating yourself up...:banghead:
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