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OT - Hummer H2 Tuning

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For a number of reasons, I am looking into getting a tune upgrade for my business partner's H2 (2005). Mostly, because if I agree to have the company pay for his H2 tune, then I can get the company to pay for a Stealth tune for my V. :lildevil:

Anyways, I have found some handhelds, Diablosport and Superchips, amongst others. I have no experience with these. What would the best one of these handheld deals to apply to a Hummer. Does anyone have any experience with Hummers.

ps - he has headers and Corsa exhaust, so I'm not sure that these handhelds are applicable. Does it matter?
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I think StealthV can tune them both.
In the stable next to the V is my Silverado SS with H.O. version of 6.0L in H2. Yes, big tonnage can be made to rock and roll. :D Shoot me an email
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Ill tell ya what rox on these is the Magnacharger. My dad has one on his and OMG what a difference. His prior H2 had the whipple, POS POS!! Those ppl are impossible to deal with, threw codes, were no help.

His H2 has the magna, corsa exhaust and I believe a diablosport tuner for the tune. Actually gets better fuel mileage now than it did stock. (thats as long as your not on the gas all the time)
thanks everyone for the help, including a few off-line contacts. great info.

ps - magnacharger for the h2 (and the V) will be probably in the summer
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