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2007 DTS L2
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2007 DTS L2
I bought this car a few months ago & everything has been working flawlessly. Did not change anything and radio just LOCKED all by itself. :cookoo:
Was working fine with no issues before. Went to start the car in the morning yesterday and its it's LOCKED for no reason.? I've seen all the posts about getting the VIN paired with tech2 scan tool etc when are changed/replaced, but this is all original. Why would this happen?


PS.. Called my local Caddy deal & they want to gouge me... Starts with $160 diag fee just to re-pair the unit with no actual diags. Ridiculous! I'll buy a tech2 clone and do it myself or go aftermarket before I support a stealership.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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