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Optional wheels?

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This is gonna seem weird but I found a post online of a set of wheels in a couple 2nd gen esv’s and wanted to know if they were factory optional or aftermarket and if so would like to know if anyone know’s what they are?.


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Looks like factory 2006 esv platinum edition wheels
theyre a little different, They are 9 spoke wheels but theres no center cap and they seem to dip in towards the lugs as well as have rounded off spokes. I thought they were platinum wheels as well till i started looking at getting some and had to look back at the photo.
Do some comparisons for model/year in the Catalog section - -

they dont seem to be gm wheels. at all the closest thing ive found is some 07-14 denali wheels that look similar.
I see what you are saying. I am wrong they are not factory 2006 platinum wheels. They look to be 20”. Nice looking!
i think theyre beautiful, but just cant seem to even figure out the brand
1 - 4 of 8 Posts