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opinions on these wheels?

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I'm considering both these wheels in a 20" size...
I was big into lowerider/mini trucks, so the first wheel i think would be more suited towards that... i'm not quite convinced i could pull it off with the CTS.... but they're awesome wheels (imo), so opinions would be appreciated.

Finding the right wheels is TOUGH :rant2: ... so i'm somewhat excited that I even have two options now....

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20's are TOO large for the CTS. Especially if you don't have it lowered. Even though their common, it's hard to beat the design or a close knock off of what Cadillac has put on the V. My 2 cents and it boils down to personal taste and what you think looks good. Go with what your first reaction is.
Hey Catch,
You can get a pretty good idea if you go on It will allow you to put different rims and sizes on a side profile of a CTS. You might find a similar style rim to view.
Not very nice of you to tell all of us we have terrible tastes in wheels. It's personal taste. Why did you ask the forum anyway?? Did you expect everyone to jump up and down with your choices? I would have offered to Photoshop these rims onto your car but... I have no taste :)
No problem Catch. Good luck in picking your rims. I did go on tirerack and they have some similar to your second pick but not the first one.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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