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Opinions on lease price please

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2013 silver cts-v 4door 6sp manual has polished rims ,the big sunroof, recaro a couple of other small options like suede shifter sticker is around 72k
39 months lease with 10k a year for $718 a month with total out of pocket $3700
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Great price, bet the buyout in the end is around $32k which still makes a great deal on the car at about $63k.
Usually taxes and fees. Less up front higher payment.

Unless you are in a state that pays the tax on the lease every month instead of upfront
state like florida I believe you pay tax on each month's payment, NY you pay based on the lease term.
$20k in lease payments you pay the tax on $20k, either up front or over time. I assumed a lease from someone in Florida thats how I know.
Which is another option for you nunni- check swapalease for someone who wants out of a 10 or 11, assume their lease and then buy the vehicle at the end of the term.

Is it any different than putting a large down payment on a car and having something happen to it year 2? You still get paid "book" value. I would rather have the lower payment and give a few bucks in the beginning. Personal preference really.
Rgaret what is your lease payment and what did the car sticker for?
took me 2 months to find the combo I wanted. There were a few minor things on the car I bought but I settled them in the first week of owning the car. Keep at it it will come along. A big thing for me is seeing the car in person, cant trust anyone these days people are usually full of shit.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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