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Opinions on CARFAX Report

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I'm looking at a V with an interesting history. It's a former manufacturer vehicle which I understand but it was built in May '11 but not titled until June '12 with only 10 miles on it. Any ideas where it would have been for 13 months without being driven? A show car perhaps? I asked the dealer but they just reiterated the CARFAX information.
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You need to verify that there are no warranty blocks. Call any GM dealer and they should be able to tell you by the VIN.

Carfax is a start, but keep in mind, any accident NOT reported to the insurance company will not show on a CarFax report. I dumped a car a couple years back that was hit bad and had about 14K worth of repairs. It was perfect after the repairs but the dealer asked if it was in any accidents. I said yes. He asked if it was on CarFax yet and I said "No idea" he ran it and it was not there so he bought it and paid me good money. Probably not the most ethical thing as I'm sure it would have shown up within 90 days but all he cared about was that it was not showing when he bought it. All I'm saying is don't rely on CarFax as the only source of accident/warranty block information.
A dealer/manufacturer does not need to title the car. They have special plates. I few years back I bought a dealer demo that had 10k miles but still had the MSO and was never titled. The warranty started from when they started using it not when first titled.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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