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Onstar Price Check

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Just got an email from Onstar about my soon to expire 1st year trial for Directions and Connections. Now there are 3 new plans with the equivalent to D&C costing $350 year. Plan names are now Guidance, Security and Protection. This was a shocker. I saw no advance communications on all these changes. The last time I logged on to Onstar wasnt that long ago and there were no changes. I am assuming this all started Jan 1. This is going to need some review given all the feature changes in each of the 3 plans.
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For the price they want for guidance, just use Waze on your smartphone--same thing & easier to use. I travel for work & in the last 6 months, I barely use Onstar or my factory navigation anymore--using Waze on my phone is much faster & easier.
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I get where your coming from on that, but I have a radar detector that links with Escort Live app that stays up on the phone.
A little of a thread-jack, but does your car have the adaptive cruise control? If so, how do you deal with the persistent k-band alerts?

I have a Passport Max, and I love it except for that...
Onstar is an overpriced, redundant copy of your smartphone. If you have a smartphone you have navigation. XM Traffic is the same, except more useless. Google Maps is much better and free.
I have the Escort redline and I can turn that band off in the settings... I'm not sure why people buy cars with all the functions, only to use phones. Save 30k and by a sentra and an iphone.
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