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Only 3 FG2 Shocks Installed!!?

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I bought my V used with about 12k miles. Right after purchase, I noticed I had the FG2 shocks (at least on the left front where I looked).

Last weekend, while installing the UUC stainless brake lines, I discovered that the right front shock is an FE4! I talked with my dealer and went over the service history - no shock replacement shows up. So- either the original dealer didn't install all 4 of the FG2 (unlikely) or the car was in a wreck of some sort and the right front shock and who knows what else had to be replaced (sadly - this is more likely). Nothing showed up on the carfax when I bought the car back in January 2008.

Anyway - at this point I'm trying to evaluate my options. I don't like the idea of having 2 different shocks on the front (although - I must admit I'd never felt a difference in driving or handling). I've got a track day coming up the weekend of 4/18 as well (Harris Hill Road in San Marcos, TX).

I've talked with Lindsay and they can get me a single FG2 front shock for about $200 plus shipping. I just wonder if I should replace both fronts since I have right at 32k miles on the existing shocks.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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I've got 3 FE4's for $170 shipped. :)

Sell the FG2 individually and you'll cover your FE4 cost three times!

That's cool that Luke can do that for you. Someone posted that their dealer would only sell all four FG2s as a set.
The shock might have just gone bad, and they put in the wrong one. I would change both front. One old and one new might be the same as having two different shocks.
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