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This is everyone! I am a new owner 5/18/2007 of a 1997 Catera.. I am in need of a complete set of plug wires.. So, I called the dealer, how about $214 per side? That's $428 for the whole set..

I decided to try an online parts site that I have used for parts for my previous VW's.. The site is I checked for the plug wire set, Bosch (OEM) #F1020-125830, for Catera's to 1999... They list here for $240.25, they sell them for $135.84 + s/h and that's for a complete set..

Like I said before I have bought many parts from this site before and I trust them.. They might not have everything you are looking for but what they do have is usually at very good prices...

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Myself I deal with very good prices and service.

Plug wire set for 99 Cat,carcode,1352854,parttype,7228
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