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Well one reason is that it's not cheap, and theres really not much power gain from it. It would help with driveline clunk, but that would also make the rearend see that much more abuse. Plus BMR stated that their shaft was to big to be used with the factory resonator, and while that doesn't bother everyone, it will hurt some of the sales. Add that to the already low number of Vs, and you don't have a very good business case.
Plain and simple it is better to have a one piece, I'm way above 500 HP, and my next upgrade is going to be a one piece shaft, way too much movement from launch, plus I'm going 9 inch with 3:55's, gotta stiffen it up back there, that clunk is not good. Too much flex, I'm already resonator less, so what ever I have to do, it will be worth it!
1 - 1 of 92 Posts