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2005 Cadillac STS 3.6
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As most of you know, a couple months ago, I hit a coyote with our Saturn ION doing nearly 2k in damages. On a brighter note, the coyote, was cut in half...anywho, they had to replace the radiator bc it took the brunt force of the impact. A few days ago it started leaking. Took it in, they replaced it, again, under warranty. When done, they called and asked if we wanted them to fix the over flow bottles coolant level sensor bc it had gone bad a bit ago and was constantly displaying "coolant" on the dash.

Well they asked if I wanted them to fix it while in there, but for a price seeing as how it had nothing to do with the accident. I told them not to worry about it, I just planned to make a short Saturday project out of it.

We get there to get the car, and it was all washed and detailed. Looks and smells brand new. All for a radiator change! We walked in and got the keys, and he says "we went ahead and put an all new overflow bottle/sensor in at no cost at all". I couldn't believe it! Talk about great service!

So if anyone reads this, and is from the columbus OH area. Check out first impressions! Great place!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts