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2003 Cadillac CTS
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So after coming out to start my 2003 cts and it woudnt do aything but flash lights and no sounds after turning the key I finally got it figured out. First off I had already replaced battery and CPS a couple months ago due to a previous starting problem.
I checked all relays and fuses. Reset keys thinking it was security error. So finally running out of of options and frustrated after 3 days troubleshooting I jacked it up and tapped on the starter a couple times and tried to start I finally got a lil click but nothing else. So i got it towed to a shop up the road. I was pretty much set on it being the starter. So after all the headache it turns out my guess was right. I wasnt about to take on replacing that being that i didnt have time and the patience to replace it. Just want to thank the forum for letting me self diagnose and troubleshoot to figure out this problem.:cool:
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