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Went to Ocean City Maryland this past weekend for the 4th. Good times, got the "OSV" permit (On-Sand-Vehicle, $90) for Assategue Island. The National Park rangers do a good job with first time applicants. They kinda scare you into "don't be that guy". Don't be the guy that gets stuck and needs someone to pull him out. Basically, bring a pile of long-ish boards, a shovel, a jack and a long tow strap. They talk about driving in snow vs. sand and if a person did not have snow experience, driving on the sand probably isn't for them.

We trooped forward. Had all the safety and recovery supplies on-board already. Aired down the tires to 18-19psi. The 22's are beat, less than 50% tread life, but they did great. The key to success is never stop and keep strong momentum through the soft sand. Stay in existing ruts where possible.

We saw 2 people get stuck and they, well, kinda deserved it. One guy was horsing around and was carrying too much speed while trying to make a slight turn and the truck jumped out of the ruts and he landed in soft sand. Then, of course, once the truck landed (done being jostled I guess is a better term), he nailed the gas and the truck dug in. The 2nd instance was someone in a Jeep Liberty that gave it too much gas in the staging area and dug in rather than moving. Talk about a forehead slapping moment. The guy never made it onto the beach and got stuck already. Couple other people back in line helped him dig out. The Liberty is handicapped from the get go because it does not have as wide of a track as the jeeps and big trucks. No excuse, still should not have happened but oh well!

This is the staging area leading up to the beach. 145 trucks in maximum. Then it's wait wait wait. 1 out, 1 in. I gapped going up this rise onto the dune because a couple trucks up ahead with big paddle tires were mowing up the ruts and un-packing the sand. Wanted to make sure I had enuff momentum going up-hill...


Escalade did awesome. Before parking made sure to roll forward and backward a few times to pack the sand. Other than that, hammer down and keep rolling. Such an awesome time!

It looks like this drivers side photo has white-walls. The white-walls are sand that's stuck on the tires.


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