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While looking for vaccum leaks i found this connector over by the coil packs the red are plug wires, green is ac line pressure sensor, and blue is the unknown connector with three prongs and two wires going into it, you can see the blue safty pin thingy there also. If this is for an option, what the heck would go in that area of the engine bay??

sorry thats the best pic i could get out of it, it comes out of the loom with the ac sensor wire.


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If that is a Seville, what year is it?

My suspicion is that someone has replaced the ABS harness. There was a bulletin for that some years back for unwanted traction activation.
whenever I do that TSB I always cut the extra wires off so you don't end up with someone looking at them going "what are these wires for?".
The bulletin has you replace the harness from behind that strut tower over to the EBCM mounted down by the radiator. This takes the wires out of places that put EMI (electromagnetic interference) in the wires and make the EBCM think the wheels are spinning due to the way the wires are routed from the factory. Look down the back of the strut tower, you should see the mating connector and it should be plugged into another connector. If that's the case then someone just left those wires there to freak you out.
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