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Oil spots..

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I have noticed some oil spots under my 98 Deville, took it to a mechanic, they told me if I want to fix it they will need to lift the engine block, that will cost me about 4k, to fix the leak... How dire is that, and is there any cheaper alternatives to fix it???
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Unless its causing an oil pressure problem or making a mess on the hardwood floors in your garage I'd say it will take a while to leak through $4000 worth of oil. For that kind of $ you can get a remanufactured engine, so I'd also be looking for a new mechanic.
It is probably your rear main leaking which is common on every North* with some miles on them. So what, you have to add oil regardless of whether it is a new north* or an old one. North*'s are designed to use oil anyway so if the drips aren't outragiously flowing out leave well enough alone.
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