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Oil overfill 4.9L

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Okay, so I got my oil changed yesterday and when I got home I noticed they charged me for 7.5 liters of oil, rather than the usual 5.5 liters the 4.9 takes. I checked the dipstick and the oil level is high. The mechanic must have had "Northstar" on his mind. Question: Is this no big deal, or should I be crawling under the car and draining 2 liters out of the pan?
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I'd make the shop that did it, "fix it" and give your money back. :mad2: That's a nasty job for you to have to climb under there and get oil all over yourself, the dipwads!
If you take it back to the morons that overfilled it: make positive-sure you check the dipstick yourself before you leave. If the morons charged you for those 2L, get your money back. I'd 'mention' you'd be informing every one you know that drives a car about their 'service'.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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