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Oil Life Monitor WTF

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Just last week, my OLM was at about 18%. I was going to change the oil in about 1,200 miles. I checked it yesterday, and for some reason, it was at 97%. I did not reset it, so what the heck happened? I ran the codes, and came up with three histories, and no currents:

DDM U1715
DIM B1324
MSM U1000

Just to be safe, I decided to change the oil this evening, reset the OLM, and start fresh. If anyone can shead some light on why this could have happened, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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U1715 - Loss of Front Door Module to Window Motor High Speed Comm.
U1000 - Class 2 Communication Malfunction
B1324 - A/C Refrigerant Overpressure

U1000 gets my vote for reseting the OLM.
Ranger, any idea why the code would have been thrown? Is that just an indication that the system had a little hiccup, or should I be concerned that something is failing or shorting out? I be confused.

I really don't know but I would just consider it a computer fart unless it happens again. I wouldn't be too concerned. Logan would probably know more about it than I. As an after thought, have you pulled battery power lately?
No, the battery hasn't been disconnected. That is what confused me. I have already made the assumption, that once the battery is disconnected, and reconnected, that the OLM, probably resets to 100%. And nothing out of the ordinary has happened while driving either. The mystery continues.

I don't believe the OLM resets when the battery is disconnected, its a long term memory item like the transmission oil life message. When you posted this on Caddyinfo, I was thinking what could reset this item if its long term in nature? I would be curious if your tranny fluid life message reset also. If you are like me, I am constantly cycling through the information, is it possible that you accidently reset it or anyone else? Static electricity? Lightning? I'm guessing here.. Very odd, but as Ranger noted, that Class 2 Communications Malfunction sounds like the culprit.. If you have a manual I would run that code down. Mike (Scotty)
Mike welcome aboard. Why didn't you keep your same screen name over here? As far as the tranny monitor, it is at 99%. Has been there since I bought the car almost 19,000 miles ago. I am not really worried about what happened, just concerned that an electrical gremlin is creeping up on me. I am an idiot when it comes to electronics.

WOW did you say 99% tranny fluid life? I would more concered with that! I have yet to hear of one falling below the 100% mark. I wonder what caused that 1% fall. How many miles on her? Im still at 100% and I have 88k on mine and its never been changed.
103,000 miles and still at 100% on the trans.
BodybyFisher said:
I don't believe the OLM resets when the battery is disconnected, its a long term memory item like the transmission oil life message.
You are correct - OLM and TFLM do not get reset. MPG, gallons used, etc. get reset though. I unhooked my battery too many times to count while I was restoring mine.

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