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oil level

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hi im not that new to this sight or cars or evin the northstar. but i was wondering how far un the oil shood be on the dipstick when the engine is cold its a sts 1996. thanx for your help
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I only check the oil when the engine is cold, as there will still be oil in the upper part of the engine if you check it just after it's been running. (Which will give you an inacurate reading).

Of course, it's nice to see it up by the "full" line; but I settle for anything above the "add" line. When it gets to the "add line....well, you know what to do. :D
Actually, it is not all that critical. I would say it should be ON the stick. When it drops off the stick there will still be about 5 1/2 qts in the sump. About the time that the oil level drops off the stick is when the CHECK OIL LEVEL message will come on. Just don't overfill it.
i was only wondering because when i start the car and its cold it makes this very faint ticking noise i was just thinking maby it was low on oil or somthing im shur it cant be anything rong with it cus its only got 47 000 km on it
thanx for your help relly apreshait it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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