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oil level sensor location please cant not find it

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can someone please help where is the low level oil sensor located i been looking all over the oil pan can not see it i have the low oil level sensor light on....not low oil pressure..i can not find this sensor...2007 escalade base
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Did u ever find the oil level sensor I sure can’t find it on my Escalade

Moderator edit: The member whom you just quoted has not logged in for over 5 years, After about 2004 or so many models came without an oil level sensor - it's back to the tried and true dipstick check every week. Sub.
The 2007 Escalade did come equipped with the oil level sensor, here is the part number 12603782. This video may help. Escalade ENGINE OIL LOW ADD OIL FIX - YouTube
Cameron thank u so much for your help but my Escalade has the drain hole but there is no oil level sensor next to that anywhere in that side an I was just wondering if is any were else thank u
You’re welcome. This might help
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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