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oil gauge / oil sender

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I'm working on a 2000 Catera, 60k miles (my brother's car), oil cooler reseal, heater control valve, cleaning out the cabin air intake, all the usual (except timing belt, & valve cover seals).

The oil gauge stays on zero, but the oil pressure light does not come on. I disconnected the oil sender on the front of the engine and there was no change. Does this sound like the oil sender? Mose people who have posted here have the opposite problem - gauge works but warning light comes on. I can't tell if the 2000s have 2 senders or just one.

The 2000s take the more expensive sender, >$100 so I hate to buy one if it's not the problem.

I checked all the fuses and they all appear OK. I was doing an oil cooler reseal, so I changed the coolant & the oil and nothing changed on the gauge.

Does this sound like the oil sender or the gauge itsself? Is there a way to test the gauge or the sender? Can I put a voltmeter on the output of the sender or apply a voltage to the sender wire to see if the gauge works?

Also, there is a clicking noise from one of the idle pulleys on the acc. belt. Does anybody know if I can replace just the bearing of if the whole pulley assembly needs replaced? Is the one on the pass side.
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OK, I pulled the tensioner pulley and the auto parts store has one in stock. The bearing sounds like it's going out. It was pretty easy: I put a socket on the nut & twisted clockwise to release belt tension & remove the belt, then counterclockwise to unscrew the nut. I guess that there are a few things on this car that are easy to work on! (of course if I want to replace the belt the I have to remove some other stuff. Secondary air injection piping?)
I replaced the oil sender and the gauge works now.
Mine didn't work at first. I found a pin broken off on the sender itself. Since I now have 2 Cateras, it is much easier to diagnose problems like that- just swap parts and see if it works. $47 sender solved my problem- now gauge works on both cars ;)
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