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Oil Cooler

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Let's say the oil cooler somehow stopped allowing oil to flow through. In this case, does anybody know what the effects would be? Also, how do I disable Traction Control?
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I think it would have little effect unless you are towing a trailer. Why in the world do you want to disable the T/C?
...I'd like to disable it because more often than not it's an annoyance. If the tires actually do start to break loose when I want them to, I'll let off the throttle a tad. It was the same with my Z/28...I always switched that ASR off.

I ask about that damn oil cooler because it sprang a leak awhile back and I band-aided it with JB weld. Ever since then my oil consumption has been way up (2-4 quarts per 1,000mi.) and I actually see smoke (TONS) on WOT. I just want to believe it's not worn out rings (from when I overheated the engine). Back then, when they did the head gaskets, they saw nothing visably wrong with the rings. But it could possibly have been too miniscule at the time.
Worn rings are unheard of on the Northstar. I'd look at the JB Weld patch. Maybe it is leaking under pressure.

Disableing the T/C will default to second gear starts. Thats worse yet.

I think thats backwards, but i may be wrong.

With Traction control enabled and currently active makes 2nd gear starts. Ive seen and heard many disabling traction control and smoking the front tires. I doubt they can do that in 2nd gear starting.

By the way, he has a 93, and like my 94, no matter what, i dont get 2nd gear starts even when traction is active.
Maybe we are not speaking the same language. With T/C enabled but not engaged, you will have first gear starts. When it enages, it will apply the brakes to stop wheel spin and eventually disable cylinders to further control wheel spin if neccassary. When you disable T/C, you allow the wheels to spin. This feature is intended to help extracate you from deep snow. If this case you are relegated to second gear starts so as to reduce wheel spin and help extracate you rather than enhance wheel spin with first gear enabled, thereby digging your self deeper into the snow. Does that make sense, or did I just muddy the water a little more.
ok, but seeing how we dont have a TC button, this wouldnt effect us, even if we did the diag manual disable, i believe it does that for 10 ignition cycles.

Im just saying no matter what, my car starts in 1st gear.

So, his 93, he could disable through the diag system and still start in 1st gear.

I believe the TC button became availale in 95, anyone know that for sure??
Maybe '93/'94 is different. I am not sure. I was assuming it had the T/C button.
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