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Oil cooler line off

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Hello! I installed a new radiator in my 1997 Eldorado recently, and after the install I fired it up, let it get up to temperature, and drove it with no issues. However, I drove it for a second time yesterday, and got a low oil pressure light about a mile into my drive. Luckily I was near home, I pulled in and saw it spilling out oil. The lower oil line to the bottom of the radiator/oil cooler blew off. The fitting was still attached to the radiator, but the line itself was dangling.

I am going to put a new oil line on this weekend. My guess is that the fitting just wasn't seated correctly - is this most likely the case? Anything else I should look for when installing the new line? Thank you in advance!
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Probably have a hard time finding that oil line - V03 isn't common.

Maybe an industrial hydraulic shop. Or remove the oil cooler lines and change to a standard oil filter adapter.

Unless you track the car or tow heavy loads regularly the engine does not need an engine oil cooler. (That "cooler" is in the hot side of the radiator so it keeps the oil at about 200 - 215 degrees at all times - perfect temperature for engine oil.)


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The low pressure indications are usually (fairly common) due to the oil pressure sending switch. It's not low oil pressure - it's the switch. 1997 Northstar - 10W-30 oils and WIX filter.

If that cooler line is listed in RA it should be the correct one.
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