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jamesmdx1 said:
Why stay away from FRAM oil filters?
I'm kind of curious about that as well - I've used Fram filters on domestic cars for years without a problem. However, yesterday (in life as in comedy timing is everything!) one of the other engineers I work with had an interesting tale of woe to relay.
Seems he changed the oil on his wifes subaru (no, subaru ownership is not the salient "woe" in this saga) and used a FRAM filter - correct model for this particular vehicle - when he threaded the filter on it only went three rotations rather than the normal ten or so - but it snugged up nice and tight.
He then filled the sump with four and one half quarts of Mobil1 5W30. Satisfied with the job he started the vehicle up and was astonished by the fact that he was oiling his driveway.
It seems that the threads were not cut correctly into the filter housing so even though the filter seemed "nice and snug" the gasket was not compressed against the sealing surface - so - taking the path of least resistance - the oil just lubricated his driveway.
Could this lack of attention to quality during the manufacturing process be one of the reasons for the warning about FRAM products?
I would, however, hesitate to put a FORD product (Motorcraft) into my Seville ....


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