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Oil Change/Analysis

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OK peeps... I just got my 2nd FREE oil change and had sample pulled to send to Blackstone Labs. I was at 21% according to Onstar/Dealer. I am having a full panel of tests run including TAN (Total Acid Number) & TBN (Total Base Number). TAN shows how acidic your oil is and TBN shows what is left of the additive package (Oil Life - 21%?).

As a side note... I got 2015 ATS 2.0T as a loaner. It was a clone of my car except the color.
1. I will keep my 2014 as my butt dyno said it was a dud.
It felt like it was de-tuned.
87 octane versus 93 octane?
2. The radio didn't display the song title or artist like my 14... Menu option?
3. Didn't like the new grill.
4. I also didn't like the Cadillac badges without the wreath. Some how it looked like a Chevrolet or Buick badge.
5. Lastly the steering felt heavy. I ran it in Tour and Sport mode.
6. It did have lock/unlock buttons on the door handles which I like.
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Also looking forward to the results. I just dropped off my 14 2.0T for its first oil change. 31% monitor and just around 5000 miles. I run Mobil 1 in my LS3 and change it at every 4k miles and fellow LSx owners have done analysis and says that the oil is still great at that time.

Also having them fix the package tray speaker rattle.

Dealer gave me a loaded 15 SRX V6. This has all the bells and whistles, I like it very much so far, will commute it to work on Monday and then I will have a better feeling on it.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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