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Oil Change/Analysis

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OK peeps... I just got my 2nd FREE oil change and had sample pulled to send to Blackstone Labs. I was at 21% according to Onstar/Dealer. I am having a full panel of tests run including TAN (Total Acid Number) & TBN (Total Base Number). TAN shows how acidic your oil is and TBN shows what is left of the additive package (Oil Life - 21%?).

As a side note... I got 2015 ATS 2.0T as a loaner. It was a clone of my car except the color.
1. I will keep my 2014 as my butt dyno said it was a dud.
It felt like it was de-tuned.
87 octane versus 93 octane?
2. The radio didn't display the song title or artist like my 14... Menu option?
3. Didn't like the new grill.
4. I also didn't like the Cadillac badges without the wreath. Some how it looked like a Chevrolet or Buick badge.
5. Lastly the steering felt heavy. I ran it in Tour and Sport mode.
6. It did have lock/unlock buttons on the door handles which I like.
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To start with I will go with Dexos?
Asked my SA about OLM %'s. He said 20% was the magic #.
Just another way for GM to wrangle you to buy their products. As long as it is free I will use it. But, once I start paying for it I will change to a full synthetic. Is there that much difference? No I have had dang every kind oil I have used in my 8.1 engine in my RV analysed. All performed well. I even had Wal Mart oil tested in a Honda CRV with over 100,00 miles on it and it was good. You just had to change a bit more often.

The bottom line is how long will the additive package last?
^^^^ You're good to go.
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OK I finally got my analysis back.... USPS First Class shipping is sloooooow, like 2 weeks. Next time priority mail, 2 days.

The results overall are pretty much what I expected for 10,000 miles and only the 2nd oil change. The TBN was pretty much spot on with the OLM. BSL uses a 8 for 100% TBN and mine came at 1.7 (2=25%). The TAN was a bit high but not really out of the ball park.

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Remember folks DEXOS​ is specification and not an oil brand.
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